Germany soon a muslim country? With the loss of Afghanistan, 3 million more refugees are expected. Where shall they live?


German Mainstream Media were showing maps of Afghanistan everyday to show the devastating turn the war against the Taliban has taken. These maps show how much territory the Taliban have taken over since all troops have been taken away from Afghanistan. Countries that are used on the routes to central Europe are already warning of an increased amount of refugees coming. The MSM and politicians are using that freshly re-arisen war to defend the canceled planned deportation flights. Instead the German people should prepare and welcome for a new wave of refugees. Not many Germans are looking happiliy forward to this development as statistical number are already calling out to a number of around 3 million new refugees to come within the next months. The housing market and appartments to rent are already very tight and the costs are leaving many Germans to not have enough money left to pay their power bills or other necessities of the daily life. Building new housing will put another huge bill for the German tax payers as prices for construction materials are increasing and inflation didn’t slow down yet. Even if the slow German bureaucracy starts to look into projects like these, they won’t be finished until the next refugee wave will hit the country.

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