“Cannot Ensure Safe Passage”; President Biden Has Some Depressing News For Americans Stranded In Afghanistan

The ever-increasing drama of the situation in Afghanistan and its corresponding repercussions at home seems to have reached a fevered pitch earlier today.

It was the Biden-ran State Department that gave the chilling news that they will be unable to guarantee a safe transit to the Kabul airport.

As YahooNews reports, The US “cannot ensure safe passage” for trapped residents trying to flee to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, said a State Department security alert released on Wednesday. Thousands have attempted to escape Afghanistan through the international airport in Kabul since the Taliban seized power on Sunday, delaying many planes from leaving because of runway blockages. Afghans appeared to cling to the sides of departing planes in an attempt to flee the Taliban. The security alert said the embassy is prioritizing US citizens and legal permanent residents who have corresponding documentation. It added that the embassy would assist Americans and LPRs without documents to the best of its ability. The security alert didn’t mention what steps US officials were taking to help military translators, helpers, and local Afghans attempting to flee the country. US Rep. Andy Kim shared an email on Wednesday that said any passports stored at the US Embassy were destroyed while the embassy was evacuated. The passports likely belonged to Afghans attempting to get approved for visas.

TrendingPolitics.com expanded on this, Visa and passport appointments at the Embassy have been canceled, and passports that were in the Embassy’s possession have been destroyed. Currently, it is not possible to provide any further visa services in Afghanistan,” Kim wrote. The White House said Tuesday that the Taliban agreed to let civilians leave Afghanistan without incident or else would be met with “overwhelming force,” however there are reports from journalists in Kabul of gunfire, whippings, and attacks with sharp objects by Taliban members toward crowds outside of Kabul’s airport.

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