Breaking: Afghan man speaks out that there is finally peace in his home country!

What did I just see? There was an interview on Russia Today DE with an Afghani who is living and working in Germany. That wasn’t that special but what this guy had to say about the takeover of the Taliban of his home country was just incredible! That man was talking with family members and friends all over the now called Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan. He told the RT reporter that his family members had told him that they never slept that good in Kabul because there was no fear of falling bombs. All citizens got the message that boys and girls!! had to continue to go to school. Then all women were told to go to their jobs and work like they did the last years. That man said that he likes that the Taliban want to rebuild their country and reuse their resources for themselves or at least the money they get for it unlike the last 2 decades. He also said that only 70% of the Afghan population goes along with Taliban but he said as well that today’s Taliban aren’t the Taliban they feared 20 years ago. Were the news in all Mainstream Media made up? Is there peace in former Afghanistan and we are afraid for the people just for no reason? That lies are told easy is a message we realized quite some time ago but what is really going on now?

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