Who could become Germany’s next Chancellor and with this the leader of the European Union? How does Germany’s election integrity look like?

Source: mobile.nwzonline.de

On September 26th will be elections to vote the next Chancellor in Germany. Angela Merkel won’t be on the lists as a new candidate. There were two ministers at the party meeting who both had to face the aftermath of some floods in their states. Armin Laschet’s state is still facing the massive destruction the floods have left behind. Markus Söder’s state won the battle against the destruction but he didn’t win the party election. Laschet has to compete with the very strong candidate by the Green Party is Annalena Charlotte Alma Baerbock. The huge floods and the wildfires in the south of Europe come with new protests against the climate change and are helping the Green Party and its candidate ACA Baerbock on a big scale. The Mainstream Media is ignoring that all three candidates are loosing their support of the German population with more and more corruption and lies of these three candidates coming up. Polls by INSA are showing that 18 per cent of the German polpulation fears Election Fraud coming and only 58 per cent think that the elections are still safe. Former GDR or East Germany citizens remember how elections looked like in the 90s’. Politicians ask for possibilities to integrate these former East German citizens better into the West German standards.

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