More and more European celebrities are fighting against the mandatory vaccines who come with an “Ausweis”


More and more European artists are fed up with the corinnavirus regulations and the upcoming of making vaccines mandatory for so many much needed activities. Politicians are already asking for the 2 class system of the population that would it make impossible for unvaccinated people to enter a store to buy food. The musician Helge Schneider didn’t finish a concert at the end of July in Augsburg with roofed wicker beach chairs because he couldn’t take it anymore as he missed faces and the people close by. At a concert by the singer Nena who is known to her song “99 balloons” was forced to leave the stage by police. 1300 vaccinated, tested or people that have overcome the disease were the only ones allowed at the concert and they started dancing and celebrating right in front of the stage. Nena didn’t interfere as wished by the police but actually said that she didn’t ask them to do this but that she is enjoying this behavior very much and that everybody has his or her own will and should do what he or she likes to do. Now the third singer is speaking up. Brigitte Bardot distanced herself from the “pass sanitaire”at protests by calling them “Ausweis” which is the German word for pass which sums up her opinion and thoughts.

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