Do you see these houses of cards the ruling classes build everywhere?


Why do international conversation go like: “Oh, your country is doing such a great job at the moment!” – “Well, I think your country does even better!” I am sometimes wondering why people can’t take a step back and just watch at all countries? Why? Because every government is a big house of cards. They totally forgot that the people are the ground this house is build on. If you ever created such a house yourself, you know how easy it can be destroyed. Just opening the door or window is enough to destroy it all. What would you say if I tell you that all people on the whole world are trying to crash their houses of cards? The CCP doesn’t fear anything more than the lying flat movement. Macron’s security service have stepped down with the statement “It’s not worth dying for him!”. The Germans are doing everything they can to destroy and cancel the pandemic with investigations of the PCR tests, the reward of 1 million+ if the virus is isolated and if the Nuremberg code and the vaccines go together. Still not convinced? Many states of the USA are fighting with forbidden mandatory vaccines or masks and the most important: Audits to make sure that Americans are alive are heard! Look at the bright side of life, take some popcorn and just think of this as a huge movie with a happy ending! Have a nice day and enjoy the small but good things!

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