Copy and Paste: Let’s do this a little bit more often and the new book will be done in no time! I need a CV? What would let me appear glorious?


Copy and Paste – these seems to be a very common method when a German politician who wants to become the next Commander in Chief of Germany, is writing a book. Annalena Baerbock, the candidate of Germany’s Green Party, and her new book is making headlines on an almost daily basis – not positive ones. Before people dig into her book, they were analyzing her Curriculum Vitae after she announced that she will run as Chancellor candidate for her party. It looked so glamorous in the beginning and after all the faked information were deleted not much stayed on the CV she now can shine with. After that very short resume that was left and the language skills of her mother tongue in public appearances made some people wonder how much of this book is actually written by herself. More and more people are now finding copy and paste fragments in her latest book almost daily. That nobody less than George Soros himself is protecting her can be seen by watching the Mainstream Media that show that also the CDU candidate Armin Laschet was caught copying fragments of his book and the Media is making a bigger deal of his smaller copied passages. It is still a long time till the Elections on September 26th and I am curious how much else journalists and citizens will find out about all the hyped candidates.

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