Bye bye my loved 4 pawed friends! :'( Why? Because the Green Politicians of the European Union think that you are a sin and shouldn’t be kept at home!

Does the future bring us to not have any pets at home? The opinion that pets, especially cats and dogs are bad and shouldn’t be kept at home gets popular more and more often. Two years ago, the opinion got popular when everything was leading to climate change when Greta Thunberg was the headline of every newspaper and the prophet of all news. Back then, cats and dogs became the source of all evil to the climate change. After the European Union decided to declare the State of Emergency on climate change I feared for my two furballs on paws for the first time. I was glad that the only decision on dogs was that it became law to go on a dogwalk for at least 30 minutes. This law became very helpful just half a year later but probably is the reason for overflowing shelters now. Then there was the pandemic when different countries spread the misinformation that the virus outbreak was because of cats and dogs. We are back to climate change and the State of Emergency is still in the air. I had to ask an American Veteran why they want take away our cats and dogs and the answer hit me: “You don’t have any guns, so your dogs are your last protection.”

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