BREAKING: Damning Report Shows Biden May Have Left As Many As 40,000 Americans In Afghanistan With No Evacuation Plan

A scathing report has just come to light that shows that Biden’s botched evacuation plan has left as many as 40,000 American civilians stranded in now Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

The Daily Mail reports that there are only 700 of whom are planned to be evacuated by Tuesday. The Daily Mail further notes that,”The Taliban has agreed to a ‘two week grace period’ for foreign countries to remove their people before it’s too late, but those on the ground are dubious about how long it may last. The shambolic effort by the Biden administration has drawn criticism from American defense experts and around the world with former CIA Director and retired General David Petraeus calling it a ‘Dunkirk moment’ on Tuesday while former President Donald Trump said it makes Vietnam ‘look like child’s play’. The points, at a glance, are as follows:

Between 15,000 and 40,000 American citizens waiting to be evacuated 

Former Asst. Secretary Robert Charles said on Tuesday morning that the F77 – which keeps a count of all of a country’s citizens in one country – was between 15,000 and 40,000 in Afghanistan and many of the people are in remote areas

22,000 Afghan refugees to be rescued 

John Kirby says the US is prepared to take 22,000 Afghan refugees who will be housed temporarily at military bases in Texas and Wisconsin 

It’s unclear how many will actually get out and when because all have to apply for Special Interest Visas first 

5,000-9,000 to be removed per day on one plane per hour

Defense officials claimed that will be the rate of evacuation but so far on Tuesday, not a single US flight has been seen leaving Kabul airport.

With numbers like these, it seem easy to discern why so many are rallying for the removal of Biden. Weather it’s by impeachment as Marjorie Taylor Greene has recently said, if he simply “resigns in disgrace” as Trump said in a recent statement of to bear out all the dirty laundry within the Biden administration as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wants by calling for investigations. Hopefully, one of these three scenarios reveals itself as a reality in the near future.

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