New Leaked Hunter Biden Video Reveals SHOCKING DETAILS!

A new Hunter Biden video allegedly shows him naked and recounting another one of his laptops being stolen. This time, he is referring to a new incident where he was passed out in a pool and his laptop with his nude recordings of engaging in “crazy” sex acts was stolen.

He claims some Russian drug dealers stole this laptop possibly to blackmail him.

According to The Daily Mail, this video is with an unidentified hooker, from January 2019 and Hunter is explaining how his laptop was stolen in Vegas.

“They have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing like f—ing crazy [bleep] sex [bleep],” Hunter said in this 3-minute, 40-second video leaked by The Daily Mail.

“But how long ago did this happen? You said before—,” the hooker asked.

“Last summer,” Hunter responded.

Hunter left his laptop recording the room while he was recounting this incident from Las Vegas.

The incident means Hunter has lost about three laptops holding sensitive information, at least.

These laptops contain embarrassing pictures, videos, and communications of Hunter Biden engaging in sexual acts and taking drugs.

According to The Daily Mail, Hunter’s claims also raise the possibility that he was targeted as a vulnerable conduit to Joe Biden as part of a foreign intelligence operation.

Just before the 2020 Presidential Election, a story of Hunter Biden’s first abandoned laptop was reported by The New York Post. This story was heavily censored and discredited by most mainstream media outlets and Big-Tech platforms went full damage control and did not allow sharing or discussing of this story online.

Hunter’s second laptop was reportedly seized by the FBI in a raid at his friend, Keith Ablow’s office last year.

Hunter described this third laptop being ‘stolen’ by some Russian drug dealers in 2018 when he overdosed on drugs in Las Vegas.

In this latest video, Hunter is seen confessing to some allegations against him and is concerned that some might use that information against his father then running for Presidency

‘My dad [inaudible] running for president, He is. I talk about it all the time. If they do, he also knows I make like a gazillion dollars.’

According to The Daily Mail, other data on this laptop includes pictures of a woman’s Russian passport, and photos of Hunter topless pulling the woman’s brunette hair while she kneels on a bed.

Some photos show the woman and three young men driving to Hunter’s former Hollywood Hills rented home, drinking and partying by the pool, and two women naked with Hunter by the pool.

It is unclear whether the Russian woman and the three men are the same people Hunter accused of stealing his laptop.

The full report including explicit photos and videos from this laptop can be found on The Daily Mail

As of the publishing of this article, no major mainstream media has covered this story except the likes of conservative outlets like Fox News, New York Post, Newsmax, OAN, etc.

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