“That’s Fascism, Not Justice”;Trump Unleashes Scathing Statement As Democrat-Led Justice Department Says Tax Returns Must Go To Congress

It was reported recently that the Department of Justice, nestled firmly under the Biden regime, ordered the IRS to surrender former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to the Democratic beehive that is the House of Representatives, surely igniting a swarm of bad intentions from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her ilk.

As recently as 2019, the department’s Office of Legal Counsel found that the request for Trump’s taxes by the Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee was based on a “disingenuous” objective aimed at exposing them to the public. However, under the reign of the Biden Administration, the DOJ has done a complete reversal of course correction as it now claims that there are “sufficient reasons” for collecting the materials.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Dawn Johnsen for the Office of Legal Counsel wrote that “We cannot know where receipt of the requested tax information will take the committee, any more than the committee itself can predict what it will find or determine,”.

These are hollow echoes of the event back in February when Trump was given mandate by way of a U.S. Supreme court decision to surrender is tax returns for review and dissemination. A mandate that was greeted by less than favorable reception by the now-former president. In a public statement, Trump seethed, “That’s fascism, not justice—and that is exactly what they are trying to do with respect to me, except that the people of our Country won’t stand for it. In the meantime, murders and violent crime are up in New York City by record numbers, and nothing is done about it. Our elected officials don’t care.”.

This is, of course, a developing story so information is minimal but it would seem that the DOJ ship, with Biden as its addled Captain and set sail for the land of the ideologue and one hopes there is a course correction soon.

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