SAVAGE: Trump has cut ALL TIES with traitors, those who have wronged him, new book says

A new book says Donald Trump has “cast out” and “cut off” his former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, for daring to ask that the former president pay him.

“Trump is annoyed that he tried to get paid for his election challenge work,” Michael Wolff writes in the book, Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, according to an excerpt published in The Times. Giuliani, a longtime ally and personal lawyer of the president, started leading the Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn the election on November 4 but departed sometime in February.

Several reports have detailed how Giuliani and his allies have sought to get paid for the legal work, but to no avail, falling foul of the President in the process. “Trump is annoyed that he tried to get paid for his election challenge work,” Wolff wrote, per The Times. The excerpt said Giuliani had “gotten only the cold shoulder” while seeking payment from Trump amid the prospect of expensive legal battles of his own.

Trump’s family has “cast out, cut off” Giuliani, the excerpt said.  The excerpt did not refer to any specific family members. Giuliani is the subject of a Justice Department investigation into whether he broke foreign lobbying laws while working as Trump’s lawyer. Giuliani has not been charged with a crime.

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