CRAZY LEFTISM: Ukrainian army DEFENDS decision to make female soldiers march in high heels

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has trained female soldiers to march in high heels, despite opposition from lawmakers.

Major Eugene Balabushka confirmed the ministry’s decision to have 57,000 female soldiers march in heels for an upcoming celebration. On August 24, the army is scheduled to march in a parade to commemorate the country’s 30 year anniversary of independence from the Societ Union. Soldiers have been practicing twice a day for over a month.

Ivanna Medvid, a cadet at the Military Institute of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, said, “Today, for the first time, training takes place in high-heeled shoes. It’s a little harder than in boots, but we try.” Lawmakers created a statement against the policy, writing, “Shoes with heels are incompatible with the combat capability of soldiers, and a ‘Prussian’ step on a parade in such shoes is a deliberate harm to the health of soldiers.”

Olga Stefanishina, vice prime minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine; Marina Lazebnaya, minister of social policy; Yulia Laputina, minister for veterans’ affairs; and Yekaterina Levchenko, government envoy for gender policy, published the statement directed at defense minister Andrei Taran. On Saturday, the ministry announced they will reevaluate the decision and appoint new footwear for female soldiers.

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