BREAKING: TSA to make self-defense training mandatory for flight crew amid surge in unruly passengers

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) posted a press release on June 24 stating that due to a huge increase in defiant passengers, leading to violence and flight delays, they would be training their officers and flight crew in self-defense.

TSA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are seeing a spike in the number of rebellious passengers. TSA warned against passengers acting in ways that could cause harm and disruption to others. Those who disobey could face criminal charges or civil penalties. They also stated that there are employees, including Transportation Security Officers, who are working hard to keep the public safe. In an effort to stop any sort or chaos and keep passengers safe, the Federal Air Marshals will be conducting self-defense training for officers and flight crew members.

On their own site, the FAA reported on the number of unruly passengers to date. (These numbers only reflect cases that are reported to the FAA.) In 2021 alone, they reported 3,201, which was a huge jump from 2020’s 183. Since 1995, the highest number of unruly passengers in one year was 310, which occurred in 2004. The FAA also reported that this year there have been 491 investigations launched and 61 enforcement cases launched.

The press release also reminded potential passengers that mask mandates are still in effect while traveling. TSA also reminded that questions are always welcomed and concerns will be happily addressed. 

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