YouTube Takes Down President Trump’s CPAC Speech If Users Don’t Add ‘Countervailing Viewpoints’

In a staggering attempt of clear Big Tech censorship, video platform YouTube has banned posting the entirety of President Donald Trump’s speech he gave at CPAC unless users themselves provide “countervailing viewpoints” to refute Trump’s claims about voter fraud and election integrity.

“We enforce our Community Guidelines consistently, regardless of speaker or political leaning,” YouTube spokeswoman Ivy Choi told The Daily Wire. “In accordance with our established presidential election integrity policy, which prohibits content uploaded after the safe-harbor deadline claiming widespread fraud changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, we removed this video from Right Side Broadcasting Network. Content featuring footage from CPAC 2021 that does not violate our policies or contains sufficient educational, documentary, scientific and artistic context remains on YouTube.”

In Big Tech’s ceaseless pursuit eradicate President Trump from public life and combat “disinformation” surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election, YouTube only allows uploads of the speech if some form of counter-commentary is included within the video. Both SkyNews and NewsNOW from FOX host the entirety of the speech but both added an extra bit of analysis to emphasize Trump’s loss in the 2020 Election and bat down his half-joking claim in his speech that he had beat Democrats twice already.

Yet when RSBN, a right-leaning news outlet, uploads the unfiltered speech, their video was removed, a common experience for users trying to upload Trump’s speech. In RSBN’s case, the removal of the speech came with a two-week suspension from the platform.

“Our video was removed because we refused to give ‘countervailing viewpoints’ following Trump’s speech,” the outlet told The Daily Wire. “Essentially they wanted us to go on air after he was done with his speech and ‘push back’ against his claims of election fraud.”

In a post published on Mar. 4, the outlet announced that they had been “suspended from YouTube for two weeks, with live streaming and the ability to upload new videos revoked. YouTube has also removed the video from their platform, which at last check was approaching nearly four million views.”

“According to YouTube, this is due to our video of President Trump’s speech at CPAC, which violated their policies on election misinformation,” the report added. “Any further violations may result in the permanent suspension of our YouTube channel, which has amassed over 1.5 million subscribers.”

For a President who is supposedly the most popular in America history, Big Tech’s incessant reminders that Biden won and refusal to let anyone question the results on their platforms isn’t particularly convincing.

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