South Carolina Signs Law Banning Most Abortions

South Carolina’s governor signed a law banning most abortions, one of his top priorities since he took office more than four years ago.

“If there’s not a right to life, then what rights is there,” McMaster stated before signing the bill. “What rights exists, if not the elementary, fundamental, profound right to life.”

Just one day after the bill was signed, a federal court has placed a temporary restraining order on the Fetal Heartbeat Bill on Friday.

The restraining order granted by Judge Mary Geiger Lewis lasts 14 days and will likely be renewed before the March 9 hearing.

State Attorney General Alan Wilson stated, “we believe the Heartbeat Law is constitutional and deserves a vigorous defense to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary,” in a statement.

The Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood stated on Thursday that they intend to challenge the bill in federal court.

“By banning abortion at just six weeks of pregnancy, before many people know they’re pregnant, the law targets South Carolinians who already struggle to access health care,” the Center for Reproductive Rights said in a press release.

Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit argues that South Carolina’s new law “is in flagrant violation of nearly five decades of settled Supreme Court precedent.” The lawsuit says that a high rate of women, especially African Americans, die during or immediately after childbirth in South Carolina.

Lawmakers who supported the bill celebrated their long-awaited victory on Thursday.

“We’re about to do what I’ve been trying to do for 25 years: shut down the abortion industry in South Carolina,” stated Senator Larry Grooms.

Sources: Newsmax, Fox News, The Hill, and Politico; Photo:

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