Amazon Suspend’s Parler From Web Hosting Service

Amazon has recently suspended Parler from its Amazon Web Services (AWS)  in a way which takes the site offline, unless it finds another hosting service.

Amazon says the move was made for violating AWS’s terms of services by failing to effectively deal with a steady increase in violent content.

Parler has been used increasingly by conservatives amid what they see as increasing censorship by Twitter. Twitter permanently banned President Donald Trump on Friday for tweets which they said violated its rules of inciting violence.

Parler, which has branded itself as a “free speech” platform has benefited greatly from a mass migration of President Trump’s supporters away from mainstream social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter that have censored President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Amazon’s decision has more of a direct impact on Parler than the app store removals. There are plenty of loopholes for Android users who want an app that’s not available in the Google Play Store.

AWS plans to suspend Parler’s account effective Sunday, at 11:59 p.m. PST, according to an email by an AWS Trust and Safety team to Parler.

Google and Apple have already suspended the Parler app from their respective app marketplaces unless the platform improves its moderation.

Apple also shared that its App Review Board sent to Parler developers that said the app will be removed from its store “until we receive an update that is compliant with the App Store Review Guidelines and you have demonstrated your ability to effectively moderate and filter the dangerous and harmful content on your service.”

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Newsweek, and NBC; Photo: dailypioneer.com

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