Trump Already Considered Frontrunner for 2024

While President Trump continues the fight of the November election, he is already being considered a frontrunner for the 2024.

The reelection of Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and picking vice-chairpersons and other officials will top the agenda, but the gathering also will allow other potential contenders for the 2024 Republican nomination to start building bonds with the committee, activists, and more.

President Donald Trump will address the conference on the second day of the meeting, after having hinted at the beginning of December he is looking at another campaign should efforts to overturn the election results from November fail.

President Trump says that he plans to stay involved in GOP politics after leaving the White House. He has already endorsed McDaniel for another term leading the RNC.

President Donald Trump has also slammed a few Republicans who are up for reelection in 2022 after they either refused his efforts on the election or acknowledging Biden’s victory.

President Trump, who continues to fight the 2020 election results and refuses to concede to President-elect Joe Biden, publicly hinted at the beginning of December that another presidential campaign may be in the cards.

“It’s been an amazing four years. We are trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years,” the president told supporters at a White House holiday party for RNC members. 

Sources: The Hill, The New York Post and Breitbart; Photo: Getty Images

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