Pelosi and McConnell’s Homes Vandalized

In a crazy start to 2021, Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco house and Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky home were both vandalized.  There were multiple demands made in graffiti at both spots.  The scene at Pelosi’s house is especially disturbing. 

At Pelosi’s house, the entirety of the damage was on the garage door and small driveway at her house.  There were multiple phrases written on the garage door in black spray paint.  “$2k” was crossed out in the top left corner.  “Cancel rent” and “We want everything!” were written on the middle part of the door.  “UBI!” was written on part of the windows, making it hard to read.  A nod to anarchism was made with two circled letter A’s on the door.  A pig’s head and fake blood were also in the driveway area (Dorman).

It appears that most of the messages were aimed at the stimulus bill.  The “UBI!” seems to stand for “universal basic income” (Dorman).  The crossed out “$2k” is probably a reference to the latest round of stimulus checks that was denied (Today NBC).

To go along with the damage at Speaker of the House Pelosi’s home, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s house was also vandalized.  McConnell has been at the center of the stimulus check conversation and rejected a proposal earlier this week.  “Where’s my money” was written on McConnell’s front door.  “Mitch kills poor” was written on a window next to the door (Tobin).

Comparing the two vandalism sites, each was brutal in its own way.  The vandalism at Pelosi’s house was more graphic, but the written messages weren’t as aggressive.  At McConnell’s house, it seems that only spray paint was found.  Some of the messages included explicatives aimed at McConnell.   

McConnell said “Vandalism and the politics of fear have no place in our society” (Tobin).  Pelosi has yet to release a statement at the time of the writing of this article. 

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