Pelosi Says She Will Pull Trump ‘By His Hair’

Nancy Pelosi, appears frustrated with efforts by President Donald Trump and his supporters to overturn the election, telling her leadership team during COVID-19 relief talks she will take matters into her own hands if need be.

“I’m counting down the hours till he’s gone,” Pelosi said, according to a report in Politico. “I plan to pull him out of there by his hair, his little hands, and his feet.”

Trump’s legal team has filed yet another lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court asking for Pennsylvania’s election to be overturned. Meanwhile, a handful of Republican House members have signed onto an effort to challenge electors in contested states, such as Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania when a joint session of Congress meets Jan. 6 to officially tally the electoral votes.

Sources: CBS News, Fox News and Politico; Photo: then.co.uk

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