Pompeo Praises Attorney General Bill Barr

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that outgoing Attorney General Bill Barr served with “professionalism and elan,” in a Twitter post on Tuesday.

President Trump announced Monday that Barr will leave his job before Christmas.

Pompeo offered respect for how Barr handled special counsel Robert Mueller’s report after an investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Pompeo Tweeted:

“AG Barr crushed the propaganda generated by Mueller against President Trump and preserved our Republic from the rogue FBI and Special Counsel’s efforts to undermine the 2016 election based on a bogus theory of Russian collusion.”

Pompeo was often seen as one of Trump’s best allies, but also touted Barr as a committed supporter of President Trump’s agenda to defend “law and order against rioters.”

“Protecting our citizens from these looters and anarchists was the right thing to do and AG Barr made it happen,” Pompeo wrote.

Barr stated that Seattle, New York City and Portland, as “anarchist” jurisdictions. The designation indicated that the DOJ determined that the cities supported “violence and destruction of property to persist” and refused to take reasonable measures to counteract criminal activities.

Barr also sent federal law enforcement agents to Portland and other cities experiencing anarchy.

Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen will serve as acting attorney general upon Barr’s departure.

Sources: CBS News, Politico and The Hill; Photo: salon.com

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