House Democrats Don’t Like Biden’s Pentagon Pick

Joe Biden selected retired Army General Lloyd Austin to be Secretary of Defense, this has put some democrats in a downward spiral. The Senate Democrats were hoping for a civilian pick as to retired military personnel.

The Defense Department, by intent and by law, is typically led by a civilian.

Congress waived a law blocking the appointment of such officers in confirming President Donald Trump’s choice for the post, retired U.S. Marine Gen. Jim Mattis, in 2017.

Before Mattis, the only other time Congress approved a waiver was in 1950, for George Marshall.

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois opposed the waiver for Mattis in the past. He now says “I was so impressed with his performance that I would consider a waiver for Austin, once I get to know him.”

“Given the immense and urgent threats and challenges our nation faces, he should be confirmed swiftly,” Biden wrote in The Atlantic.

Biden also called Austin “the right person for this job at the right moment,” noting that he is “feared by our adversaries, known and respected by our allies.”

Sources:, MSN, The Hill, and NBC News; Photo: Associated Press

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