Utah Senator Mike Lee Demands an Apology from Senator Dianne Feinstein for Saying Trump’s Tweets Incite Violence

Senator Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah, said on Wednesday that he is calling on Senator Dianne Feinstein to apologize for saying that tweets from President Trump have incited violence.

On Tuesday, during the hearings with big tech CEO’s of Facebook and Twitter Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, Feinstein made the shocking remark. She shared her fears about Trump claiming he won the election and several other tweets from the President.

Feinstein said that she doesn’t think the Twitter fact check warnings on his posts do enough to prevent the harm that the tweets have caused. She mentioned the arrest that happened on November 5 of two armed men outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center where ballots were being counted. She said,

“I’m really struck by it, that people armed with assault weapons as a product of a tweet could rally outside an election office. And I think it’s really a serious issue that needs to be considered and there need to be, once you signal that and people respond to it, it has to be in some way abated or some way pointed out or restructured on the internet itself.”

Senator Lee shot back asking her to recant her statement on Wednesday morning on Fox & Friends,

“You had Washington, D.C., full to overflowing with peaceful Trump protesters, people protesting or signaling their support for President Trump and showing gratitude for them. Not one act of violence was attributed to them. Meanwhile, you had people shooting industrial strength fireworks into places where they were eating. You had people approaching and beating up and saying vile things and putting people in physical danger, including elderly people, including women and children. All of this was done by Trump-haters, by Antifa people who couldn’t handle the fact that there were people peacefully showing their support for President Trump.”

He confined, “So I don’t know what my colleague Sen. Feinstein is talking about, but I thought that was an inappropriate comment. Not one act of violence has been linked to President Trump in connection with events surrounding this election and I think she needs to recant her statement and apologize.”

Sources: The Blaze, Fox News; Photo – Deseret News

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