Biden Reportedly Doesn’t Want Trump Investigated If He Leaves Office

President-elect Joe Biden does not want investigations into President Trump after he leaves office to consume and further divide the nation, a new report alleges he privately told advisers.

Citing five people familiar with the discussions, NBC News reported Tuesday morning that the man slated to be the 46th commander-in-chief was wary of some Democrats’ desires to probe the outgoing president once he no longer has legal protections.

Biden reportedly raised concerns that such investigations would only deepen the political divisions in the country at a time when he has publicly argued he has a mandate to unite Americans across party lines.

The president-elect said he was specifically worried about the ongoing federal tax investigations into his predecessor or of the potential for prosecutors to challenge any pardons granted by the outgoing president to members of his staff before leaving office.

One Biden adviser said the president-elect has made it clear that he “just wants to move on” from Trump, while another told the network, “He’s going to be more oriented toward fixing the problems and moving forward than prosecuting them.”

Sources: NY Post; Image: NBC News

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