LAPD Budget Drastically Cut Causing Officers to Stop Responding to Traffic Collisions and Downsize Homicide Unit Despite a Surge in Murder

The Los Angeles Police Department is experiencing a severe budget slash of 150 million dollars, causing the department to downsize in several areas. Announcing this, the LA Times tweeted, “The plans come after the City Council cut the department’s multibillion-dollar budget by $150 million in the face of widespread protests, and amid a pandemic-driven fiscal crisis that could see funding for police and other agencies dry up.”

350 sworn positions will be cut, and LAPD ranks will be reduced to 9700, air support, robbery, homicide, and gang and narcotics will also be cut and even civilian employees will be gone. This comes after the LA City Council decided to dramatically cut the department’s budget. The department says that anyone with minor injuries from a collision and hit-and-run accident reports will have to be filed online.

The LA Times tweeted, “LAPD will reduce desk hours at its stations, cut special deployments in popular areas such as Venice and Hollywood, and stop staffing teams that cover homeless issues.”

The council voted despite the surge in crime in the city. LAPD Capt. Ahmad Zarekani said that by mid-October there were 261 homicides which is a 25% increase compared to the same time frame in 2019. Last month, LAPD Police Chief Michel Moore warned the LA Times that the city is headed toward seeing 300 or more deaths for the year 2020. 2009 was the last time a total that big was reached.

According to the LA Times, in South LA and parts of Central LA saw a homicide increase of 50% compared to 2019. The outlet is also reporting that non-fatal shootings have also increased by more than 21%.

“The cuts represent a new trajectory for one of the largest and most scrutinized police agencies in the country – and reflect fully how it has been forced to bend to the ‘Defund Police’ movement.”

Sources: Daily Caller, LA Times; Photo-LAist

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