Secret Service Headed to Biden Campaign HQ in Wilmington as He Plans to Deliver Victory Speech

The Joe Biden campaign is preparing for their candidate to win and Biden himself seems to be planning to deliver a big speech possibly on Friday. Because of this, the Secret Service is sending reinforcements to Wilmington, Delaware as Biden may be the President-elect. The campaign told the Secret Service that they are planning to use a convention center in Wilmington for the next few days, and so the agency is sending more agents.

The Washington Post originally reported this and reached out to Catherine Milhoan, Secret Service spokeswoman, however, she declined to comment because the Secret Service agency will not publicly discuss security planning for either the president or any candidates they protect.

Biden has had several Secret Service agents for his protection detail, but that and even the increase of agents that are now assigned to Biden are not the normal number of agents that accompany a president-elect; which Joe Biden is not yet.

However, this election is proving to be anything but normal and because of that the influx of a full security detail for Joe Biden-if he wins-may happen later than what usually happens. Normally, a president-elect is granted a full security detail immediately once they are elected; which usually happens late on Election Night and the concession and victory speeches have been given. Election Day was three days ago and Americans are still waiting to see who will take or continue the White House in 2021.

In a few states, there are lawsuits or rumors of a vote recount. The 2020 election is far from over and it seems that there is no end in sight. It seems that voter fraud is happening on levels never before seen in several counties, which is prompting conservatives to call for recounts.

Sources: Washington Post, The Blaze; Photo-Business Insider

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