Michigan Republican Senate Candidate John James Alleges Election Interference

The campaign of a Republican Senate candidate in Michigan is alleging election interference, voter suppression and impropriety by state officials as mail-in ballots were tallied, according to a report.

A consultant for John James’ Senate campaign said the candidate was leading Democratic incumbent Sen. Gary Peters until ballots that suddenly appeared in the dark of night changed the tide, Fox News reported.

“There were all kinds of chicanery, including ballots that came in reportedly in the middle of the night at 3:30 a.m. – 35,000 ballots that were deceptively brought in,” Stuart Sandler told Fox News.

“There have been a lot of irregularities and a lack of integrity. They’re not letting challengers in, they’re not letting them get food or water. When they do, they’re not letting them come back. There’s all sorts of disruptions to the process,” he said.

Peters was declared the winner in Michigan on Wednesday by a number of media outlets, including Fox News, with 1 percent of the vote left to be counted.

A source close to James’ campaign told Fox News that GOP poll watchers “weren’t even able to get close enough to the ballot for the voter rolls to confirm that the ballots are credible, that people didn’t already vote.”

Sources: NY Post; Image: Politico

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