8 Arrested in Seattle During Election Day for Putting Nails in the Street

Americans are anxiously awaiting the results of the 2020 election and while we were glued to our tv screens, rioters took to the streets. Police have arrested at least 8 individuals last night who are suspected of scattering nails on roadways. Apparently, two groups were seen walking through the streets on Election Night and police say at least one of the groups was given a warning to keep moving and clear the streets. Eventually, the groups joined together around 9 pm (local time) in the downtown area.

The Seattle Police Department tweeted on the situation, “Officers have provided multiple warnings to the group. Individuals have continued to put items in roadway, including nails. One person arrested.” They continue in a second tweet warning drivers to be careful, “Marchers are moving traffic barricades into the roadway. Pedestrian interference warnings have been given. Group is westboud on Lenora St from Westlake Ave. Please use caution if driving in the downtown area.”

The department also tweeted this video issuing a warning to anyone in the streets. They told protesters that they support their first amendment rights they, but reminded them that any unlawful behavior will be met with police action.

According to Fox News the suspects are being charged with “pedestrian interference, obstruction, assault on an officer, reckless driving, and criminal mischief.”

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan shouted her hate for the President and indirectly blamed him for the unrest in her city that she has been unable to quell herself. She said, “In one of the most challenging years in our city’s history, we have a president that has consistently incited hate, fear, and violence. This is why my office has been closely coordinating with the governor, county executive, and city departments for a safe and secure Election Day and planning for the days that follow.”

A protester spoke with the Seattle Times saying that they won’t be stopped. “We are not scared of whoever gets elected. It’s not going to stop us.” Protesters and rioters do not care who wins, they will wreck havoc no matter what.

Sources: The Blaze, Seattle PI; Photo-Seattle PI

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