Massive ‘Freedom Rally’ in Beverly Hills Met With Counter-Protesters

The 2020 election is a huge difference between the two main parties as compared to the 2016 election, especially in Beverly Hills. American cities are shouting their support for President Trump and committing to reelecting him this week. In 2016, Hillary beat Trump by huge numbers in Los Angeles county; ranking in over 2 million votes. Trump only had 769,743 votes. 2020 is seeming to be a stark contrast from the last election.

Supporters showed up in droves for the Freedom Rally and Trump parade in Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoon. Video from Twitter shows thousands of supporters decked out in Trump gear and American flags. Residents have lined the streets chanting their support for the President.

The rally was scheduled to start at 3 pm, but counter-protesters arrived dressed all in black to protest the gathering and President Trump. Police intervened to keep the two groups separated as much as they could, but the protesters attacked a Trump supporter carrying an American flag. It appears that a person tried to pepper-spray the man with the flag, but he defended himself using the flag pole. More people are coming toward him and again uses his flag, waving it, to keep them away.

At one point, a man wearing a helmet labeled “ACAB” attempted to wrestle the flag out of the grips of the man holding it. Other people dressed in black join in, swarm the man and attack him. He tries to escape, but once again is attacked. He finally escaped as police intervened and was treated for injuries by the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Police finally declared an unlawful assembly at 2:40 pm. Lieutenant Max Subin from the Beverly Hills Police Department said, “Approximately 40 protesters did assemble at Roxbury Park and then marched to the USA Freedom Rally. A couple of the members got into a violent attack on a pro-Trump member. It was at that point that an unlawful assembly was declared.”

Subin also said that no arrests were made. Businesses in Beverly Hills, and other cities, have boarded up their storefronts in preparation for mass protests, violence, and riots following Tuesday’s election.

Sources: The Blaze, Fox News, Twitter; Insider

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