Two New Orleans Officers Ambushed in French Quarter; One Shot in the Face

Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said that the two officers were on vehicle patrol around 4:30 in the afternoon when they were ambushed in New Orleans French Quarter neighborhood on Friday by a gunman riding a pedicab. One officer was shot in the left cheek and the bullet lodged in his skull. The other officer only had minor abrasions and scrapes to his arms from the glass shards.

The wounded officer is in stable condition, although his case still remains serious. Ferguson said the officer was able to walk into the hospital holding his cheek. The names of the officers have not yet been released. There is 20 years of service between the two officers. The one who was shot had been with the police department for four years and the other officer sixteen years.

Ferguson said, “They were just crossing through intersections going in different directions. This is a dark day for our officers so I want to ask you to keep our officers in your prayers.”

The suspected gunman was quickly arrested and has been taken into custody, but he refuses to give his name; investigating officers are working to obtain his identity. About the suspect, Ferguson said that he appeared to be “under some sort of medical condition” and was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

He had a holster on him and the gun has been found. Witnesses from the shooting say the police cruiser was at a stop sign when the man stood up in the pedicab and opened fire on the officers in their SUV. The policemen did not return fire to the suspect and it’s unknown how many shots were fired.

“A retired Army veteran with medical experience was working in a nearby store and helped with the medical treatment of our officers until fellow officers arrived at the scene. We want to thank her, as well as citizens who helped to point out the perpetrator to officers responding to this scene.” Ferguson said.

Sources: Fox News, ABC News; Photo-WKRC

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