MUST WATCH: BlazeTV Reporter Attacked for Filming the Looting in Philadelphia Following the Shooting of Walter Wallace Jr.

Elijah Schaffer is a reporter for BlazeTV and while filming the looting taking places in Philadelphia stores like Walmart, Target, T-Mobile, Five Below, and others he was attacked for it. Riots have erupted in Philly streets after Walter Wallace Jr., a 27-year-old Black man who was shot by police after charging them with a knife, to protest his death that has been deemed another instance of racist police brutality.

Shelby Talcott from The Daily Caller tweeted about the looting and the incident involving Schaffer. She posted a video to Twitter of looters coming in and out of the store carrying items. In the video, Elijah can briefly be seen being beaten by more than one attacker.

Schaffer filmed his own video explaining what happened and said that even though he’s hurt and in pain he’s going to stay and continue to report on what the media is failing to show. He said in another tweet that there were other journalists present, but he was the only white person in the store and thinks he was attacked for being white.

This is the second night of protests following the shooting of Wallace Jr. On the first night over 30 officers were injured, including one female sergeant being hit by a pickup truck. Also on the first night, officers made 35 arrests, 5 of which were minors, and recovered 5 guns from the protesters. Riots and protests have been happening all over the city, family members of Walter Wallace Jr. say that though they are hurt by the death of a family member and question why the police killed him, they say they do not agree with the violence and destruction and that it does not honor him.

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