WATCH: Massive Trump Parade in New York City Sparks Fights and Attacks from Anti-Trump Protesters

New York residents held a massive Trump parade in New York City that was followed by a rally at the end. The route started from Coney Island, drove past Trump Tower in Manhattan, and then finished at Marine Park in Brooklyn where the rally was held. ‘Jews for Trump’ organized the parade and called it the “largest Jewish car parade in history.” Hundreds of cars and trucks were decorated with Trump and American flags and signs and as they drove past protesters shouted derogatory statements, curse words, and even threw eggs, paint, and rocks at the vehicles.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, was in a vehicle not adorned with Trump gear, but he rolled down his window to wave and say hello to supporters. He was quickly met with hate from protesters.

One supporter filmed the parade from inside his vehicle. A man approached, screaming, and punched the car window; very upset about the parade. Another video shows rocks being thrown at vehicles driving through the street. Protesters are ripping flags and posters off of vehicles as they drive by and harassing Trump supporters. The Blaze reported that a black SUV a part of the parade was attacked by several people all wearing black and smearing red paint on the vehicle. NYPD officers tried to detain one man and a brawl broke out between other men. One man kicking the feet out from underneath another man, knocking him down hard to the ground.

Another video shows protesters harassing a group of Trump supporters trying to get in their car and drive away but the protesters won’t let them. They get in the car but protesters open the driver door, a female passenger from the back seat gets out to help the driver and a protester steals her Trump hat. Fighting ensues and police arrive to break it up. The driver points out the main antagonizer and when police try to arrest him protesters grab him to keep him from being arrested. Police arrest the man. Police have made several arrests after declaring an unlawful assembly. One woman can be heard crying as she was arrested for pepper-spraying Trump supporters.

The election is only a week away and it could be assumed that more instances like these are sure to happen leading up to Election Day and could even follow after November 3.

Sources: The Blaze, Brooklyn Daily Eagle; Photo-Star Tribune

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