Joe Scarborough from MSNBC Attacks Trump Supports Calling them Stupid

Joe Scarborough is from MSNBC and he is outraged that Americans are supporting President Donald J. Trump and have committed to vote to reelect him. He said,

By the way, it’s, it’s really remarkable that you are thinking about voting for that man. Really it’s staggering. You get information from Facebook that says that Anthony Fauci’s in some secret cabal that’s going to make billions of dollars on a vaccine. That’s just a lie. You can’t be that stupid. You say it’s no worse than the flu, it’s — no. Donald Trump himself in February, it’s on tape. So please get off your stupid QAnon sites. Get off your stupid Facebook sites. Turn your head away from whatever TV station’s telling you this is just like the flu… And they know the guy they’re supporting is a liar! And they know he is putting Americans’ health at risk every day, Rev. And yet they vote for him anyway.

He then had a meltdown about Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff, who said that you can’t control the pandemic. Meadows was basically saying that the virus is going to do what the virus is going to do. Scarborough wouldn’t have that and he raged,

He’s willing to let people die because that’s what Donald Trump wants him to say. Mark Meadows doesn’t care if you live or die from the pandemic because he just cares about following the president’s advice. He says we can’t control the pandemic. Really? You can! You — but if you’re part of a white house operation that sends people out and has super spreader events every day, and then, Mika, what they did this past weekend.

This isn’t the first time Scarborough has thought this little of Trump supporters. In October of last year he said that Trump supporters “have a responsibility to not be dumb”, urging them to watch the news and become more informed. In November of 2017 he said that Trump supporters are merely tolerating Trump because he makes “stupid tweets”. He thinks, at least he did then, that American only support Trump because he’s “not Hillary Clinton” or he’s done a few good things. But in contrast to his opponent from the 2016 election and his opponent in the 2020 race, Joe Biden, Trump has made good use of his few years in office and his opponents have been wasteful with their decades of chances to make a difference.

Trump has made quite the difference in American society and politics. He’s a good President who works for the American people and will never stop putting them first.

Sources: Conservative Brief, Fox News, The Hill; Photo-People

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