Mitch McConnell Promises Amy Coney Barrett will be Confirmed “No Later Than Monday”

On Friday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised that the full Senate will vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett as the next Supreme Court Justice “no later than Monday”. This confirmation will happen despite the onslaught of attacks that have come from the left since before Judge Barrett was even nominated.

Since the vacancy was left on the Court by Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Trump announced that he would nominate someone to fill the seat, the democrats have been on a meaningless and baseless tirade to keep that from happening. They’ve said it’s unconstitutional to do it in an election year, but nowhere does it say that judicial process stops in an election year. During the hearings they asked Barrett ridiculous questions and even tried to slander her as a racist because she’s adopted two Haitian children.

Chuck Schumer has been the loudest with his opposition to the nomination and confirmation. He has continuously whined spouting that the seat should be filled after the election and America has chosen a new president. But democrats failed in this attempt to keep the seat open as their claims are lacking reason and truth. Schumer said, “I believe the Senate majority is on the precipice of making a colossal and historic mistake by rushing this nomination through the Senate only eight days before a national election. Before we go any further, we should shut off the cameras, close the Senate and talk face-to-face about what this might mean for the country.”

He continued, “The Republican majority is steering the Senate, the Supreme Court and the country in a very dangerous direction. The damage to Americans’ faith in these institutions could be lasting.”

There aren’t enough votes to stop Judge Barrett from being confirmed and the left has very few options to keep her out of the Supreme Court. Even before she was officially announced, Republicans were saying they would vote to confirm her. With the hearings finished it’s only a matter of time before she is confirmed and she takes her place in the Supreme court.

Mitch McConnell said that through the hearings Amy Coney Barrett had the “sheer intellectual horsepower that the American people deserve to have on the Supreme Court.”

Sources: Breitbart News, Fox News; Photo-WZTV

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