Kamala Harris Failed to Prosecute an MS-13 Gang Member; Months Later he Murdered a Family

Edwin Ramos, who is a known member of the violent MS-13 Gang, was illegally living in the United States in California. At the time, Kamala Harris was the San Francisco District Attorney and she failed to prosecute him. Three months later, he murdered a family.

Tony Bologna (48), and his three sons Michael (20), Andrew (18), and Matthew (16), were killed by Ramos on June 22, 2008. They were driving home from a family barbeque in San Francisco, California when Ramos opened fire on them after driving alongside them. He reportedly misidentified the family as rival gang members who’d been involved in a murder that day.

Before murdering them, Ramos had been pulled over by the San Francisco police three months earlier for having illegally tinted windows. The police department alerted Kamala Harris’ office that after multiple run-ins with the law they learned he was a member of MS-13. Harris’ office did not prosecute Ramos. Ramos had another man, known as Lopez, in the car; Lopez tried to discard a gun without officers knowing, but the police found the weapon and confirmed it had been used in a double killing. Police say they sent the case to Kamala Harris’ office, but they declined to file charges.

In July 2008, the LA Times published an account of the arrest of Ramos from March 2008. The article says that Ramos was released a few days later after being arrested and Harris’ office did not press any charges against him. The report states that he had a weapons violation, but that authorities chose to press charges against Lopez and not Ramos. He was supposed to be deported but wasn’t because of an apparent mix-up with ICE and the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department. Tim Counts is a spokesman for ICE and he said that the jail only contacted federal immigration officials one time. That was on April 2 at 3:44 am, which was two hours after Ramos had already been released from the jail.

Angel Mom Danielle Bologna contacted and pleaded with Harris to pursue the death penalty against Ramos for killing her family; Harris refused and instead sough a life sentence without parole. Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s running mate in the 2020 Presidential Election and she is in favor of a national sanctuary policy. A policy like that protects illegals who’ve been arrested from being handed over to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to proceed with deportation.

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