Activist Group ‘Shut Down D.C.’ is Planning Massive Demonstrations during Election Week

A group called “Shut Down D.C.” is planning mass demonstrations in the name of “resistance” during the week of the election. They say they are expecting President Trump to plan a “coup” because they don’t think he will accept the election results, predicting a loss for the 45th President. On the group’s website they say, “Trump will not leave office without mass mobilization and direct action.”

The website also says, “If Trump is trying to launch a coup, that’s no time for business as usual. And if Trump has already conceded, then we can pivot and use these actions to demand COVID-19 relief and other essential legislation!”

They are using this election as a political pawn to sign into law what they want to see happen to this country. Instead of going the legal route, the way the Constitution designed, they are using the route to anarchy.

The Federalist first reported on this, and they say they found a document that states the group categorizing this planned movement as an “uprising”; which calls for blockades of the White House, blocking traffic, and shutting down government office buildings and even Amazon fulfillment centers.

A meeting registration document tells what the movement plans to do. It states:

This fall we are going to experience one of the most contentious – and most chaotic – elections in recent history. We have a sitting president who is consistently refusing to accept the outcome of the election, record numbers of voters relying on absentee balloting, and a federal government bent on attacking our democratic institutions. 

We don’t know exactly how things are going to play out this fall, but we do know that we need to be ready to take bold direct action to confront attacks on our democratic process and our communities. Join #ShutDownDC for Timeline to a Meltdown: 2020 Election Simulation. We’ll divide into teams, each representing different players in our social movement landscape. Then we’ll be introduced to a set of hypothetical (but entirely likely) scenarios that we may face during this election cycle. Each team will work to develop action plans to respond to the scenario, anticipate how other movement actors will respond, and build capacity for collective action to build the world we want to live in. 

The game starts at 7pm eastern on Wednesday, October 14th. All are welcome but please register by 12 noon on October 14th.

Supposedly, from November 4-7 they have organized activities like “hitting the streets daily to respond to rapidly changing events.” From November 8-11 they are planning to meet members of Congress at train stations, airports, or even their homes. They say demonstrations will stop once Trump accepts the election results and agrees to leave office.

The website is calling for action from anti-Trumpers, saying Trump will stop at nothing to stay President. The website says they are making plans to be in the streets before the polls even close. They say they don’t know ‘how Trump and his enablers will try to attack democracy, but we know that the stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines and wait.”

Apparently a disclaimer on the site says they do not “encourage or endorse” violence of any kind, but they do have trainings on how to respond to violence, saying that some cases call for it if it “will help you reach your goal.” They do, however, encourage boycotts, strikes, slowdowns, and refusal to “purposefully avoid tension with authorities.”

From the website and their goals for organizing, it seems like this group isn’t prepared to accept the results of the election. They want him out of office and it doesn’t seem like they are even considering the possibility that Trump could win reelection.

Sources: Shut Down D.C., Fox News, The Federalist; Photo-NBC News

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