New Yorkers Hold Mock Funeral for Governor Cuomo’s Book and His “Leadership and Integrity”; Demand an Apology for His Nursing Home Directive

Back in March, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a directive requiring positive covid patients to be sent back to their nursing homes, even though there were plenty of other options available for these patients. Transmission rates in nursing homes soared and thousands of people needlessly died because of it. Six weeks after initiating the directive he pulled it back, but by then the damage had already been done.

Since then, the Governor has written and published a book called American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, highlighting his self-proclaimed leadership and life saving efforts during the pandemic. New Yorkers who lost family members specifically due to this directive held a mock funeral on Sunday for Gov. Cuomo’s book. The funeral was complete with a hearse and casket filled with copies of the book and the families were gathered outside Cobble Hill Health Center demanding an apology from the governor for the senseless and preventable deaths of their families.

The hearse and casket are carrying 6,500 torn pages from the book to represent the lives lost due to the directive issued by Governor Cuomo.

Those hosting and in attendance of the event held it to honor their family members, they say it is not a political stunt. Peter Arbeeny lost his father, Norman Arbeeny, from this disaster and said that his father is gone because of the actions of Cuomo. He said, “And now to learn that he Governor was writing a book while our loved ones were dying senselessly and our friends, family, and neighbors were losing everything because of unscientific government decisions, is a gut punch to New Yorkers suffering through this crisis. Our grieving families need humility, not deflection. We need empathy, not ego. And we need accountability and an apology, not a book on ‘leadership.'”

A section of the press release from the families reads, “While he was writing this book, during the height of a global health crisis, of which New York was ground zero, New Yorkers were not allowed to honor loved ones with funerals, ceremonies or mercy meals. As the Governor admitted just this week, the lockdowns in New York are not based on any science or medical expertise, but rather are a “fear-based response.” Now thousands of families are left heartbroken by his unscientific decisions.”

The statement continues, “This book is the epitome of Governor Cuomo’s personality – egocentric, callous, and irresponsible. The COVID-19 Pandemic and its aftermath is far from over, yet Governor Cuomo had the time to write this premature book . Our loved ones did not have to die, but the reckless order that Governor Cuomo mandated failed our most vulnerable population by forcing COVID-19 positive patients back into nursing homes. Now, thousands of families are left heartbroken by his unscientific decision, and were unable to honor loved ones with funerals, ceremonies, and mercy meals.”

Governor Cuomo has defended his directive and there are even bipartisan demands for an independent inquiry to determine whether or not the directive is responsible for 6500 deaths across the state.

Sources: New York Post, Breitbart; Photo-News AKMI

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