Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska Rips President Trump; “A TV-obsessed Narcissistic Individual”

Republican Senator Ben Sasse made sure everyone knows that he is not fond of the President in a town hall in his home state. Senator Sasse believes that Trump’s “stupid political obsessions” are driving the voters further to the left. He thinks that a major defeat is coming for Republicans in the 2020 election and he is trying to help salvage what he can down ballot.

Senator Sasse also attacked the President and his foreign policy by stating that he “kisses dictators’ butts.” As one can imagine, many voters who are conservative in Nebraska probably aren’t happy with this type of talk from their senator. This leads me to ask, what does Senator Sasse want? Does he want a career politician Republican?

What Would Senator Sasse Prefer?

While Senator Sasse’s arguments are definitely debatable, I would like him to talk about what he would prefer in this situation. What path to victory did the republicans have in 2016 other than through Donald Trump? Without Donald Trump we would have lost to Hillary in a landslide because hard conservatives cannot win states like Michigan and Wisconsin. Donald Trump hasn’t been a perfect president, but considering what he has had to deal with in his first term I would hold off on the crazy friendly fire attacks. Voters don’t want to see division in their own party and Senator Sasse is contributing to that division.

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