Portland Police Officer Helmets to be Marked With Large Identification Numbers

The mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, announced that the Portland Police Bureau has decided to mark police officer helmets with large ID numbers. This decision has come after the onslaught of protests and riots to plague Portland since the killing of George Floyd on May 25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After these protests began, officers decided to remove their name tags from their uniforms after many of them were getting doxxed. Doxxing refers to obtaining and publicly sharing personal information, like names and addresses, of other people.

Officers wanted to keep themselves and their families safe, so they took their name tags off and replaced them with tape that had their six-digit employee number written on it instead. FOP vice president, Joe Gamaldi, said, “Any officers working these protests should not have their names on their uniforms. This is a clear officer safety issue. When they have their name, Antifa terrorists and anti-police activists attempt to dox them and expose their home addresses.”

The Police Bureau allowed officers to remove their name tags from their uniforms and since then then they have faced a lot of criticism. Anti-police activists say that allowing it only precludes their efforts to fight police brutality and found it disturbing. Deputy Chief Chris Davis said, “We support peaceful protest and understand that reforms to advance racial justice are necessary and overdue.”

The department is going to create a new number system and a three-digit number will be assigned to each officer and will be labeled onto each officer’s helmet. They are doing this to protect the safety of the officers, but also to allow the public to easily file a complaint with an officer should the need arise. The new system will be implemented by November 15.

Sources: Breitbart, Oregon Live; Photo-OPB

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