Joe Biden Snaps At Reporter When Asked About The NY Post Story; “I have no response”

A reporter from CBS is one of the few people in the media to actually question Joe Biden about the new revelations that have emerged about his son Hunter. If such accusations are coming out, wouldn’t Joe Biden simply say they are false if the story isn’t true?

If all of this is just a “smear campaign” then why hasn’t Joe Biden denied the alleged corruption? If more evidence continues to emerge then at some point the Biden campaign is going to have to face this situation. The media can only allow him to get away with it for so long. Joe Biden was already let off the hook at his town hall on Thursday but luckily there are a few good reporters left who still will ask the questions.

Imagine If the Story Was About a Trump

Lets take a step back and just think about if this story was about Donald Trump and his family. There would be an endless news cycle about it and we would probably have impeachment articles drafted already. The double standard is so clear to the American people yet the media continues to be one-sided because there are enough Americans who will allow it. The silence from the media on this story is further proof that the mainstream media is nothing more than an arm of the democratic party in disguise.

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