Nancy Pelosi Gets Blitzed By Wolf Blitzer; Pelosi Asks Him Why He is an Apologist For The Republican Party

If 2020 wants to continue to shock the world, watching CNN’s Wolf Blitzer take Nancy Pelosi to town will surely continue that streak. It is always incredible to see when members of the media actually press the left on their ridiculous excuses. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is almost like the twilight zone when CNN sides with the Republican Party. See for yourself below the exchange between the two.

Why is it that when the media actually questions Nancy Pelosi, they are suddenly an arm of the Republican Party? If Nancy wants to paint CNN as a defender of Republicans, she should try watching their network for about 15 minutes when she isn’t on air. Unfortunately for Nancy this time she is defending a position that nobody else agrees with. Wolf Blitzer pointed out that her own people are saying that they should strike a deal. What will Nancy do with this opportunity? Based on this interview, it is likely that nothing is going to be done like always. She is fulfilling the name, “Do-Nothing Democrat.”

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