Trump Fans At Rally Chant “CNN SUCKS” behind Jim Acosta

In things that you would expect in 2020 we have another anti-CNN rally cry from Trump supporters. Jim Acosta was wearing a giant face mask while speaking to the camera on CNN. Behind him the Trump supporters noticed him and began to chant “CNN SUCKS” behind him.

Jim did not seem to like this chant and he immediately pandered to his viewers by saying one of the dumbest things of the year. Would Jim Acosta ever say such words to rioters and protestors when they fill the streets? Or does COVID only spread to Trump supporters? Has he ever thought that maybe the reason they are chanting “CNN SUCKS” is because he is constantly spreading fake news about the President? Members of the media live in their own world for the most part and you could never get Jim Acosta to admit it in public, but deep down he knows exactly why they are chanting that.

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