Mainstream Media Only Cares About COVID Spreading If Trump Is Involved; Laker Fans Celebration Mostly Ignored By Media

An0maly has made a point today that made me really think about what has been going on lately. The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship this week and their fans stormed the streets in celebration. That celebration devolved into a riot and many people were arrested. Not a peep from the media in terms of concern about COVID spreading amongst the giant crowd of people.

Contrast that to Donald Trump holding a rally in Florida and what do you hear from the media? You hear that President Trump is trying to kill off his supporters as Jake Tapper of CNN said. You hear that President Trump spreads COVID and he doesn’t care about any Americans. Why does one form of mass gathering cause COVID deaths but the other mass gathering is completely ignored?

Wake Up To The Lies

Americans are being spoon fed lies every single day. If you are a citizen of this nation and you don’t see the lies that are being told to you then you are willfully being blind. It is clear that the media has an agenda and they want you to hate Donald Trump. Will you buy into the lie or will you see through it?

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