MUST WATCH: Joe Biden Says Again that He is Running for Senate Rather than President

Look at this video posted by Students for Trump on Twitter:

Speaking to residents in Ohio, having forgotten that he’s running for president, Joe Biden said that he was proud to run for the Senate. This isn’t even the first time this has happened. Biden has been heard saying this before. Not to mention his other mishaps and gaffes. Like when he doesn’t know what state he’s in or when he bit his wife’s finger on stage. And we can’t ever forget when Joe Biden said he likes little kids jumping on his lap.

He really has no idea what is going on or where he is. At this point it’s elder abuse from his campaign, other democrats, and even his family to allow him to continue to run. The man is old, he’s 77, and has been in politics for nearly 50 years. It’s time for him to go home and enjoy his family and retirement.

Even if he wasn’t in a state of dementia, which it certainly seems like he is, his principles and vision for this country are not in line with what America was built on, nor does it align with what Americans want for our country. He advocates for late-term abortion, the green new deal, massive tax increases, increased red tape, and never mind the corruption while he was in office with Obama (the full details of the corruption that are soon coming out). Never mind what his son, Hunter, did overseas, that he knew about.

Biden does not have the best interest of Americans in mind. His only interest is power and doing what the democrats tell him to do. He has no place in the White House. It’s no surprise that his rallies and parades have produced underwhelming numbers, the vast majority of Americans do not agree with nor do they want Joe Biden in office.

President Trump, however, does have the best interest of Americans in mind. He has fought everyday to improve the lives of Americans. There are countless evidences of that. But the most telling evidence is that in his almost 4 years in office, President Trump has done more for Americans than Joe Biden has done in more than 4 decades in office.

Joe Biden is incapable of being president and the Americans know that.

Source: Twitter

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