Massive Riot in LA Following Lakers Championship Win; Nearly 100 Arrested

Despite fans being encouraged to not show up to the Staples Center to celebrate the Lakers’ win, over 1000 people did anyway. Mayor Garcetti encouraged fans to celebrate at home, but city officials said that if they do show up they should wear masks. Hundreds of fans flooded the streets to celebrate the win.

It started as a celebration of the win but quickly turned into a riot that required police officers to show up in riot gear. Officers tried to tame the crowd and get the fans to disperse and leave the area, a small number of people left but others remained and began throwing glass bottles, rocks, and other objects at the officers. According to police, a large group broke from the main group and began vandalizing businesses. Many became violent, even toward police officers.

Around 76 people have been arrested for vandalism, assaulting a police officer, and failure to disperse. Police say that 2 people from the crowd were injured, 8 police officers were injured, and over 30 businesses as well as a Metro bus were damaged and vandalized.

For months Americans have heard shouts and demands to defund, disband, and dissolve the police. This started out as a normal celebration, but as is always a possibility, bad people were in the crowd who sought to cause harm and damage. This is why we need the police. They are there for when things go wrong. We need the police always. Cities that have already moved to defund the police are seeing the disastrous consequences. Disbanding the police will never solve any problems, only cause more of them.

Source: Twitter, Breaking 911, Daily News; Photo-The Telegraph

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