Joe Biden Considering NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to be His Attorney General

According to multiple reports, Joe Biden would consider picking Andrew Cuomo to be his attorney general in his administration. This comes as a controversial pick to some as many people are bothered by the response of Governor Cuomo during the pandemic.

His state has one of the highest death rates and it contributes a very large amount of the total deaths from covid-19 in America. This was due to the nursing home scandal that Cuomo has been denying even happening. The problem for Cuomo here is that the numbers do not add up for him. His state has one of the highest deaths per 100,000 people and that is because he did not protect the most vulnerable population in his own state.

This will be an additional way for Americans to determine who they will vote for in the 2020 election. Does Cuomo help or hurt Biden in the eyes of the American people? The honest answer is probably neither, people who feel poorly about Cuomo likely already weren’t voting Biden anyway. The issue is do Americans want our Attorney General to be led by someone who responded to COVID so poorly?

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