Could Biden’s SCOTUS Problem Cost Him Key Voters?

Joe Biden’s refusal to let voters know his plan for the courts has been causing some major uproar among the Republican side of the aisle. What is starting to surface though is anti-Trump voters who are now beginning to think of not voting at all simply because of this issue alone. Stephanie Slade is one of those voters who gave the argument below.

Why Won’t Joe Just Say It?

The answer to this question is likely because he is open to expanding the courts. This is a deal-breaker for many Americans and no matter how much they hate Trump, they won’t vote for someone who is willing to pack the courts. Joe Biden’s stance on this issue could end up costing him the election if he is not careful. Donald Trump may appear down but you can be sure that he is not out. As long as he has the enthusiasm advantage anything can happen. Hillary lost voters late in 2016 and Joe could be doing the exact same thing.

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