Trump Believes Mike Pence ‘Won Big’ at VP Debate

President Trump tweeted Wednesday night that Vice President Mike Pence was the clear winner at the vice presidential debate in Utah. “Mike Pence WON BIG!” Trump wrote about his running mate following the debate with Democratic challenger Sen. Kamala Harris of California.

Harris and Pence clashed on the Trump administration’s COVID-19 pandemic performance, foreign policy and criminal justice reform during nearly two hours of debate.

Harris said the Republican ticket “forfeited their right to re-election” by mismanaging the pandemic, but Pence fired back pointing out that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden opposed Trump’s January travel ban on China as “xenophobic” as the outbreak spread. Pence then blasted Harris for saying she was unsure if she would take a COVID-19 vaccine because she distrusts Trump.

“That fact that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine, if a vaccine emerges during the Trump administration, I think is unconscionable,” Pence told Harris.

Sources: NYpost, newsbreak; Image: Deadline

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