The McCloskey Family Indicted For “Unlawful Use of a Weapon”

In a new addition to the saga of the McCloskey’s, they have been indicted on charges that stem from their use of weapons on rioters outside their home. They have officially been indicted for unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with evidence.

These charges come long after the iconic moment that has divided the nation. During the BLM riots a few months back, a group of rioters plowed over the fence gate into the McCloskey’s yard which led them to brandishing weapons at the trespassers. There were allegedly threats of arson being committed on their property. It seems puzzling, based off of the current evidence at hand, that this couple could be in legal trouble for what seems to be a lawful use of weapons to defend their home.

The McCloskey’s have become a symbol on the left and the right for this incident that occurred. On the left, they are viewed as “violent white supremacists” while on the right they are viewed as American’s who want to simply live in their homes with the 2nd amendment to allow them to defend themselves. American’s everywhere should keep a close eye on what is happening to this couple because it could have been anyone. Their attorney has used expletives to describe the charges and will continue to fight for the McCloskey family.

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