Mark Cuban and Ted Cruz Trade Jabs on Twitter

Tuesday was a battlefield on twitter between Senator Ted Cruz and Mark Cuban. Ted Cruz initially posted an article from Hannity describing the NBA ratings failures since they returned from the COVID-19 shutdown. Mark Cuban wasn’t happy with this tweet and responded below.

Ted Responds and Cuban Doubles Down

Cuban’s point here is kind of bland and inaccurate. It doesn’t require a viewer to watch the games to know what is being said when virtually everyone in America knows what the NBA is saying politically. It doesn’t require me to turn on a game to see this, I just know what they are pushing because it has been the center of attention for awhile now.

Ending racism is another argument that Cuban seems to not quite understand much about. This is the equivalent to saying we need to end crime. Of course everyone wishes that could happen, but unfortunately we live in a world where hate and sin are common. Ending racism isn’t a virtuous a stance because everyone on earth who is a good person isn’t a racist. Liberals who pretend they are compassionate because they stand on the side of the overwhelming majority are the worst kind of people to argue with.

Ted Ends The Argument Calling Out China

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